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IDBI Bank launches eSBTR for on-line payment of Stamp Duties, Registration fees
11:09 AM 29-Jul-2013
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Industry: Banks & Finance Company IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra has launched the Electronic Secured Bank Treasury Receipt (eSBTR) Project for on-line payment of Stamp Duties & Registration fees. The eSBTR system was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Maharashtra at IDBI Bank, Mumbai, on July 26, 2013.

eSBTR system would provide various benefits such as Single window payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee; On-line payment (no more queues and waiting in Bank Branches and adhering to Stamp Hours, Payment facility available on 24 x 7 x 365 basis) Payment without any ceiling, Ease of operation and convenience, etc.

The customer can log onto the website of the authorized bank, click the link for payment of stamp duty/Registration Fees, entering the necessary details and paying the duty through the internet banking account.