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Shoppers Stop opens ‘Shoppers Stop’ store at OMaxe SRK Mall in Agra
05:36 PM 08-Jul-2013
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Industry: Retail Company Shoppers Stop Ltd

Shoppers Stop has opened ‘Shoppers Stop’ store at OMaxe SRK Mall in Agra. With the opening of this store, the company has now 61 ‘Shoppers Stop’ stores including three airport stores under its operations.  Meanwhile, the company has received the ‘Excellence in Training & Development Award 2013’ from World HRD Congress for 2 categories.  The first category is ‘Best Custom Built Content’ and second category is ‘Best Training Partnership with External Vendors’.

Shoppers Stop is engaged in the retailing business. It runs a chain of departmental stores with brands including Shopper’s Stop, Home Stop, Crossword, Cafes and Restaurants etc.