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element14 Achieves Record Sales for Molex in Asia Pacific, and Strengthens Partnership to Support Growth
02:07 PM 05-Mar-2012
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element14 (formerly Farnell), the first electronic component distributor that fuses commerce and community, today announced that it will be reinforcing its longstanding collaboration with Molex in order to bring the latest and the most interconnect solutions to engineers. In the second half of 2011, element14 was the leading distributor of Molex products in Asia Pacific, selling the largest number of Molex SKUs for power connectors, wire to board, wire to wire connectors, I/O connectors and FFC/FPC connectors, among others. This is affirmation of the unique proposition of element14 to provide fast delivery of the widest range of the best-selling Molex products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair for segments such as telecom, automotive, industrial, and medical.

To maintain this lead, element14 continuously looks to introduce more products to capitalise on the burgeoning need for connectors, and has now launched the full range of RF/coaxial connectors from Molex for prototype and pre-production build application, in addition to the earlier range of Extreme Power connectors, and the Pico-Clasp 1mm wire-to-board connectors

element14 has a dedicated community page for Molex and customers can easily find solutions and related information such as application notes and training resources. The element14 community membership has grown to over 78,000 with a record breaking 13,500 visits each day and it provides Molex with an excellent platform to expand their engagements with engineers in the region

"Given the current optimistic outlook, it is imperative for us to work with a capable partner so that we can effectively leverage on the opportunities and expand our profile in the region," says Loh Keng Wai Henry, Distribution Corporate Account Manager, Molex Asia Pacific South. "element14's services-beyond-product propositions, such as their active e-Community and e-Commerce services, align with our business strategies and are key assets in helping us further our presence in Asia Pacific."

"Engineers today are faced with challenges such as the need for high performance components and shorter design cycles," says William Chong, Regional Director of Supplier Marketing, element14, Asia Pacific. "Our partnership with Molex provides best-in-class solutions together with a comprehensive suite of design resources all combined into one platform, thus boosting productivity and reducing time-to-market."

A wide selection of components to address connector growth in Asia Pacific

According to research firm, Bishop & Associates Inc, the industrial market for connectors is forecast to grow at a compound average growth rate of 5.8 percent between 2010 to 2015. A broad spectrum of industries is experiencing expansion and connectors are fundamental components to support this growth.

element14's comprehensive selection of connectors categories, include PCB connectors, terminals, I/O connectors and FFC/FPC connectors. Some of the bestsellers in element14 are:

-- The Square Pin, 0.1" 2-way Wire to Board Header allows both power and signal to carry through the same housing. This component can also be loaded with optional polarization keys and pegs, to ensure that the headers and housings only mate one way

-- The Receptacle, Free, 4-way Crimp Housing 's contacts are fully isolated on each side of the interface to eliminate potential arcing and incorporate four points of contact for redundancy. The housings utilize positive-lock features to prevent accidental disconnects

-- The BNC, 50 OHM BLKH Jack-Jack Straight Adapter, with two stud bayonet coupling system, is an easy-to-use, quick connecting/disconnecting device that accounts for the BNC's popularity

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