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About The Platform

Finalaya is a leading financial portal in India catering to investment information & research needs of all sections of investor’s community including individuals, corporates, financial services intermediaries and academicians. Finalaya uses latest technology to present actionable financial insights in an intuitive manner. In Indian scenario, Finalaya acts as a centralized information platform for data, financial insights, Corporate Results & compliance documents related to stocks and mutual funds.

Finalaya’s assortment of product and services are made available based on the varying needs of customers.

Research Tools

Finalaya’s patent pending research tools endeavor to extract all the shades of investment avenues in terms of a thorough diagnosis of Industries, Stocks and Mutual Fund on varied parameters. The accuracy and intelligence of these tools facilitates in identifying WOWs and DUDs in an existing portfolio or while selecting the investment candidates.

Calculators Suite

The focus of Finalaya Calculator’s Suite is to cater all the personal finance needs of an individual in various life spans. These calculators are easy to use and can help an individual in day to day life for managing his finances effectively and efficiently.

Widget Gallery

Finalaya offers an extensive library of financial widgets which can be placed on your website to add engagement to your site, aggregate content, increase brand awareness, and grow your audience.

Institutional Offerings

Finalaya offers plethora of customized high-end financial research and data-oriented services for its institutional clients across the domain.