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Future of Stock

Kindly share the view of the stock Jaiprakash Associate & Jaiprakash Power. Should we retain the share or sell.

Narayan chandra kar| Category: Stock Market | Set Alerts | Share | 21 Jan 2017 12:01 PM
senior research analyst | Epic research pvt. ltd.
Should be exit from position 
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Written Jan 21, 2017 Comments

investment foe long term

your views on engineers india at current mkt price

dinyar| Category: Stock Market | Set Alerts | Share | 20 Jan 2017 08:55 AM
Research Anlayst | Epic Research Pvt Ltd
Yes take short future below 148.50 for target 139 123 
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Written Jan 20, 2017 Comments

best mutual funds for Retirement

I am moderate investor and upto rs 20000 per month, i want to invest so that please suggest me properly as per that,

Jitendra Patel| Category: Mutual Funds | Set Alerts | Share | 19 Jan 2017 11:18 AM
Director | Merisis Advisors
Your question does not give complete information. Do you want to invest Rs 20,000 per month? What is your age? What are your other financial requirements and other investments?

Someone can advise you on the retirement plan only after knowing these details. If you just wish to invest Rs 20,000 per month to create a retirement corpus, you may invest in 2-3 mutual funds, out if which one could be a mid/small cap fund and the other(s) large cap fund.

Check out performances of funds and take your own call on the fund name depending on their long term performance.
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Written Jan 19, 2017 Comments
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