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01-Nov-2014 12:00 PM

On the eve of the opening of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, the global event for the digital security industry dedicated to secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility; it is the occasion to focus on three strategic themes that will feed the event:



  • Security & Mobility, smart portable devices are the symbol of this new reality. The wide range of devices has invaded the economic and social spheres, with smartphones taking the lion’s share. Mixing hyper connectivity, multi-channel communication, multi-service applications (electronic mail, gaming, media, geolocation…) and dual-use opportunities in both personal and professional contexts, smart portable devices are bringing major changes to current economic models.
Find the press release here: http://www.cartes.com/Press-Room/CARTES-Press-Releases/THE-MOBILE-REVOLUTION
  • Cloud computing, a new and attractive way to access computing resources and to manage data flows for companies and individuals. It gives users shared and ready to use resources that can be activated automatically and paid when using. However, the challenges that cloud computing is facing are quite real and significant, especially in terms of QoS, network response time and availability of management resources.
Find the press release here: http://www.cartes.com/Press-Room/CARTES-Press-Releases/CLOUD-COMPUTING-TOWARDS-SECURE-CLOUD-USE2
  • Protection of Privacy, immersed in an ubiquitous computerised mobile environment – interconnected via the Internet, wireless networks, RFID chips, Machine to Machine exchanges, etc. – individuals leave digital footprints of their actions and centres of interest everywhere, without being aware that these are markers of their identity. In this context, privacy protection represents a major issue for society.
Find the press release here: http://www.cartes.com/Press-Room/CARTES-Press-Releases/PRIVACY-BETWEEN-REGULATION-AND-TECHNOLOGY


CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014, is being held at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre from 4 to 6 November 2014.






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