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Search Results: Equity Funds with highest Churning

Fund Name NAV Turnover Ratio Asset Class
Sundaram Value Fund Series VII 10.33 203.44 Equity - Mid-cap
HDFC Nifty ETF 996.27 191.76 Equity ETFs
HDFC Sensex ETF 3212.47 126.17 Equity ETFs
Sundaram Smart NIFTY 100 Equal Weight Fund 11.41 104.00 Equity - Large-cap
Sundaram Value Fund - Series II 14.40 101.42 Equity - Mid-cap
Sundaram Long Term Tax Advantage Fund Series - I 12.45 94.23 Equity - ELSS
Sundaram Select Focus 154.52 93.00 Equity - Large-cap
Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund 7.96 85.63 Equity - Pharma & HC
Tata Equity P/E Fund 126.51 83.92 Equity - Diversified
Tata Retirement Savings Fund Progresive Plan 26.12 82.43 Equity - Diversified
Total Results : 1-10 / 318 (As On: 31-Jul-2017)
Turnover Ratio: A measure of portfolio churning, the portfolio turnover ratio (PTR) is obtained by dividing its total sales or purchases (excluding cash), whichever is less, by its average monthly assets during the year. Higher churning indicates that fund manager was actively buying and selling the securities during the period. It will cause higher transaction cost which is not desirable unless superior asset selection yields benefits that offsets the transaction cost. Low PTR may mean that the transaction cost is lower but may also indicate the passive response of the fund manager to the dynamic investment scenario.