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Search Results: Funds with highest Sharpe Ratio

Fund Name NAV Sharpe Ratio Asset Class
IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund - Series 1-C 1342896.98 95.01 Debt - Infrastructure
IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund - Series 1-A 1338873.57 22.13 Debt - Infrastructure
IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund - Series 1-B 1346297.34 9.73 Debt - Infrastructure
BNP Paribas Enhanced Arbitrage Fund 10.13 1.92 Arbitrage - Equity
IIFCL Mutual Fund - Infrastructure Debt Fund - Series I 1338180.50 1.30 Debt - Infrastructure
IDFC Balanced Fund 10.32 1.11 Balanced - Equity Oriented
SBI Dual Advantage Fund - Series XVIII 10.18 0.97 Balanced - Debt-Oriented
UTI-Fixed Term Income Fund – Series XXV – XII (1198 days) 10.12 0.84 Fixed Maturity Plans
JM Floater Long Term Fund 24.79 0.55 Ultra Short Term Plans
Birla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan - Corporate Bond Series A (1170 days) 13.42 0.55 Fixed Maturity Plans
Total Results : 1-10 / 2260 (As On: 26-Feb-2017)
Sharpe Ratio: A reward to variability ratio, Sharpe ratio measures the excess return of a fund for the risk associated with it. The fund with higher Sharpe Ratio is expected to provide better return for the same risk as compared to the fund with lower Sharpe ratio. The standard deviation or total risk is taken as the denominator to calculate the Sharpe ratio.