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Search Results: Funds with largest Corpus growth

Fund Name Corpus (Rs. Cr.) % Change (Corpus) Asset Class
Kotak Corporate Bond Fund(G) 588.23 159.99 Short Term Income Plans
IDBI Liquid Fund(G) 3448.00 157.27 Liquid Funds
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(G) 9732.39 148.96 Floating Rate - Short Term
IDBI Ultra ST(G) 1054.14 144.94 Ultra Short Term Plans
IIFL Liquid Fund-Reg(G) 571.04 135.99 Liquid Funds
Peerless Liquid Fund-Reg(G) 471.78 116.12 Liquid Funds
Baroda Pioneer Liquid Fund(G) 5731.11 103.12 Liquid Funds
Invesco India Bank Debt Fund(G) 268.27 99.86 Medium Term Income
HSBC Cash Fund(G) 3575.20 93.25 Liquid Funds
Baroda Pioneer Treasury Adv Fund(G) 2895.82 87.58 Ultra Short Term Plans
Total Results : 1-10 / 2139 (As On: 30-Apr-2017)
Corpus: Also known as assets under management (AUM) or asset size, It is the total market value of all the holdings managed by a fund or a fund house. The corpus of a fund or fund family denotes the success in attracting money from investors. Caution: Bigger is not necessarily the better.