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Search Results: Funds with lowest P/B

Fund Name NAV PB Asset Class
Kotak PSU Bank ETF 360.85 0.98 Equity ETFs
Reliance ETF PSU Bank BeES 400.40 0.98 Equity ETFs
Principal Arbitrage Fund 10.60 2.13 Arbitrage - Equity
LIC Nomura MF Banking & Financial Services Fund 11.68 2.14 Equity - Banks & Fin Srvs
CPSE Exchange Traded Scheme 29.17 2.49 Equity ETFs
Templeton India Equity Income Fund 41.26 2.65 Equity - Diversified
ICICI Prudential Indo Asia Equity Fund 25.32 2.65 Equity - Diversified
HSBC Progressive Themes Fund 22.20 2.65 Equity - Infrastructure
Templeton India Growth Fund 68.73 2.67 Equity - Large-cap
DSP Black Rock Natural Resources and New Energy Fund 30.46 2.68 Equity - Energy / Power
Total Results : 1-10 / 656 (As On: 30-Apr-2017)
P/B Ratio: PB ratio is price to book value of a fund. The book value is derived by aggregating the book value of all the securities. The funds with low PB may indicate that the fund is available at a good price. However it may also mean that market is not willing to pay more because of its poor fundamentals.