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Search Results: Funds with lowest P/E

Fund Name NAV PE Asset Class
DSP Black Rock Natural Resources and New Energy Fund 30.58 12.43 Equity - Energy / Power
HSBC Progressive Themes Fund 22.43 15.79 Equity - Infrastructure
Franklin Infotech Fund 112.34 16.15 Equity - TECk
ICICI Prudential Technology Fund 39.02 16.43 Equity - TECk
SBI Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella - IT Fund 30.39 16.75 Equity - TECk
Tata Digital India Fund 8.99 17.16 Equity - TECk
UTI Dual Advantage Fixed Term Fund - Series IV - II (1278 days) 10.07 17.38 Balanced - Debt-Oriented
Principal Arbitrage Fund 10.56 17.93 Arbitrage - Equity
Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund 53.73 17.96 Equity - Diversified
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund 20.19 18.21 Arbitrage - Equity
Total Results : 1-10 / 654 (As On: 31-Mar-2017)
P/E Ratio: Price to earnings ratio indicates how much market is willing to pay for each unit of the earnings generated by the asset. PE of an asset is the ratio obtained by dividing its market valuation by the earning it generates. Funds with low PE are generally considered better but other parameters need to be analyzed before finally making the investment decision.