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Call rates remain steady at the end of first week of reporting cycle
03:34 PM 21-Apr-2017
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Interbank call rates, the rates at which banks borrow short-term funds from each other, remained flat from its previous close of 5.91% on Thursday, as demand remained steady at the end of first week of reporting cycle.

The banks via Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF)-Fixed Rate Repo Operations borrowed Rs 905 crore via three days repo window on April 21, 2017, while they borrowed Rs 905 crore via repo window and parked Rs 21156 crore via reverse repo window on April 20, 2017.

The overnight borrowing rates touched a high and low of 6.20% and 5.00% respectively.

According to the Clearing Corporation of India (CCIL), the weighted average rate (WAR) in the call money market was at 5.91% on Friday and total volume stood at Rs 42626.08 so far.

As per CCIL data, WAR in the CBLO (Collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligation) market was 6.07% on Friday total volume stood at Rs 111126.35 crore, so far. 

The indicative call rates which closed at 5.91% on Thursday, were contributions made from Andhra Bank, AXIS Bank, Bank of America, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, J P Morgan Chase, Citibank N.A., Corporation Bank, Credit Agricole Bank, Indusind Bank, ICICI Bank, ICICI Securities, IDBI Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank, RBS, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, so far.