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OTC trade data of government securities as on March 17
02:12 PM 20-Mar-2017
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32607.34    100.62  0.31%
10207.70    22.85  0.22%

As per the OTC data of March 17, 7.59% GS 2026, maturing on 11-January-2026 was in maximum demand with 12 number of trades and total volume of Rs 1025.00 crore, at last traded price of Rs 103.41 and last traded YTM of 7.06%. Followed it was, 7.80% GOVT.STOCK 2020, maturing on 03-May-2020 with 8 trades of total volume Rs 745.15 crore, at last traded price of Rs 99.80 and last traded YTM of 7.87%.