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Income Tax Calculator


What is your tax liability?

Income Tax Calculator enables the user to calculate tax in two ways – With Deductions and Without Deductions. Simple form of calculator assumes that your Gross Income is equal to the Taxable Income. Advance Tax calculator assumes that certain permissible deductions/exemptions have been utilized to the full capacity and calculates taxable income and tax amounts accordingly. The deductions/exemptions can be edited as well to replicate you actual position.

The calculator also gives an insight of the proportion of income that is eaten up as tax. Further, it also approximates the monthly TDS and savings of tax over previous year income rules.

This Calculator takes into account Marginal tax Relief available on Surcharge on incomes exceeding Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs 1 crore.

Financial Year
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Gross Income
Tax Payable Surcharge Education Cess
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Total Tax Payable

Monthly Income Monthly Approx TDS
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Tax to Income (%)

Savings over last year0

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